Rohit Loomba, MD Metabolic Continuum Roundtable™ Co-Chair

Professor of Medicine, Director of Hepatology, at University of California at San Diego and Founding Director of the UCSD NAFLD Research Center

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Dr. Rohit Loomba is a Professor of Medicine (with tenure), Director of Hepatology, at University of California at San Diego. He is an internationally recognized thought leader in translational research and innovative clinical trial design in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and non-invasive assessment of NAFLD using advanced imaging modalities.

Dr. Loomba is the founding director of the UCSD NAFLD Research Center where his team is conducting cutting edge research in all aspects of NAFLD including non-invasive biomarkers, genetics, epidemiology, clinical trial design, imaging end-points, and integrated OMICs using microbiome, metabolome and lipidome. This integrated approach has led to several innovative applications such as establishment of MRI-PDFF as a non-invasive biomarker of treatment response in early phase trials in NASH, which has now been adopted in 25 clinical trials conducted worldwide. He has conducted seminal trials such as the MOZART Trial being the first trial in NASH with comprehensive 2D and 3D MRE assessment paired with liver biopsies in NASH. This has led to incorporation of MRE in more than 10 clinical trials worldwide.

His research is funded by the NIH including R01 and U01 grant mechanisms, NSF as well as several investigator initiated research projects funded by the industry. He is the UCSD PI for the NIDDK-NASH CRN and serves as the elected Chair of the NAFLD, SIG of the AASLD.

Dr. Loomba has published more than 225 manuscripts and has an H-index of 61. He is the Deputy Editor of HEPATOLOGY, the official journal of the AASLD.